We are distributors of the leading brands in the market

We are exclusive distributors in Spain of the American brand Gammon Technical Products -for more than 45 years-, a leader in the manufacture of all the equipment necessary for the control and analysis of hydrocarbons for the refueling of aircraft worldwide.
We distribute the best products to take samples and verify in situ the good condition of the fuel, either before or after delivery, to civil and military aircraft and helicopters. As well as nozzles, nozzles over wing, valves and dry couplings for aviation of the brands Bayco, Dixon, Elaflex and MannTek.
Likewise, we provide everything necessary for the refueling of military or civil ships, either from port to ship or from ship to ship.
Oil and gas fuel manufacturing industry concept: 3D render illustration of row of metal steel high pressure gauge meters or manometers on tubing pipeline at LNG or LPG distribution station facility

Equipment for additives and deadman
Water detectors in aircraft fuels (AQUA-GLO)
Pressure gauges, density meters and refractometers

Ph (Acid And Base) Indicator Color Chart

Antifreeze additives status control kit
Water separator equipment in storage tanks
Fuel test and sampling

boquerel sobre ala

Nozzles over wing
Fuel hoses
Dry coupling and ball quick coupling


Hoses, couplings and nozzles
for marine

We are official distributors for Spain and, in the case of Gammon Technical Products and SmartHose, exclusive distributors, of the following leading brands:

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