Rotating joints and distributors

Naler manufactures under its own brand, Rotunión, all rotating systems or removes laps for hose and / or pipe.

Swivel Fittings

Also known as swivel joints or swivels, they are primarily used to prevent twisting in hoses and / or pipes. These normally admit 10 revolutions per minute, although they depend on the materials and measurements, can reach up to 300 rpm, although the life of the rotating device is shortened due to wear of the seals. Standard manufacturing measurements are 3/8 “to 4”, and the allowable pressure ranges from 5 to 400 bar. Swivel fittings can be ball bearing, roller or ball track. Ball track bearings bear less radial and axial loads than ball or roller bearings.

The executions can be straight or angled and the ends: flange / flange, male / female or female / female thread. Materials: stainless steel, brass, steel or aluminum.

Rotating joints

Unlike rotary fitting, rotating joints are valves where the operating pressure is lower but the revolutions per minute are much higher. The purpose of rotating joints is to cool, heat or lubricate any rotating element, either a calender, a cylinder, a pneumatic clutch, etc. Naler manufactures rotating joints for water, air, thermal oil or steam, in different materials and sizes.


Rotary distributors

We manufacture any type of rotary valve, also known as rotary distributor or step joint. The execution is made to measure, according to the specifications of each client, depending on their needs, applications and number of routes (steps). Optionally, it can be supplied with a central hole along the axis to install a slip ring, as well as drainage routes where fluids cannot mix.

We are official distributors for Spain and, in the case of Gammon Technical Products and SmartHose, exclusive distributors, of the following leading brands:

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