Naler, five decades as a benchmark in the hydrocarbon sector, the chemical industry and aviation.

Naler, five decades as a benchmark in the hydrocarbon sector, the chemical industry and aviation.
In 1973 Naler Estudios y Proyectos was born to become a reference site in the market very soon. Since its inception, our company has always been committed to partnering with brands of reputed experience and solvency, whose products meet the strict quality standards defined by Naler. In these more than 45 years of experience, we have become knowledgeable experts in the sector, offering solutions for the loading, unloading and transfer of liquids, gases, and powdery products. We not only offer quality components and guarantees to our clients, but we also take care to advise them regarding their needs and provide them with the best results for their business.
One of the pillars on which our company is founded is constant innovation. Thus, in the 1980s, Naler participated, together with Aplesa engineering, in the standardization process of the discharge couplings used by Campsa, now C.L.H. For that occasion, we presented a study on the three most commonly used couplings at that time according to French, American and German regulations, the latter being the one chosen by the oil company for all its unloading equipment at service stations. Since then, this coupling has been known in Spain as Campsa loading TW coupling and they are used in practically all gasoline and diesel transport trucks, both from Campsa and from other large and small companies.
Likewise, we were the first manufacturers in Spain of rotating joints and rotary distributors of up to 25 tracks under our own brand, Rotunión, and today we are leaders in this sector thanks to designs and executions of the highest quality. It is worth highlighting one of our most special pieces due to its complexity: a distributor with 25 axial tracks and 5 series with 25 radial tracks each.
For all this, thanks to our company policy and our commitment to quality and the best customer service, we are proud to be exclusive distributors for Spain for more than 45 years of the Gammon Technical Products brand (components for aviation), distributors officers of the German company Elaflex (specializing in couplings and accessories for hoses and pipes), as well as POK (guillemines), Dixon (camlocks), Smarthose (safety hoses), Equiptank (solutions for the transport of chemicals and derivatives), Lüdecke (couplings), OPW (couplings and gaskets) and MannTek (break away couplings).
In these almost five decades of history, hundreds of companies, large and small, Spanish and foreign, private and public, have trusted Naler; Among which the following should be highlighted: Repsol, Cepsa, CLH, Campsa, Tetra Pack and the Ministry of Defense.

We are official distributors for Spain and, in the case of Gammon Technical Products and SmartHose, exclusive distributors, of the following leading brands: